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Unlike other healthcare staffing agencies, we redefine healthcare staffing by offering a complete spectrum of services, including: travel, temporary-to-hire, locum, permanent, outsourced and contract solutions all under one roof. We are your versatile partner committed to meeting the diverse staffing needs of healthcare organizations efficiently.

Nursing                       Allied Health & Pharmacist

Physician                    Interim Leadership

Research                    Ancillary & Support

Comprehensive Nurse Staffing Solutions  

An Extensive Network of Pre-Screened, Highly Trained Professionals

Permanent Staffing                 Local & Locum                       International
Labor Disruption                     Crisis                                        Home Health
Travel Nursing  

From single shifts to address crisis staffing, PeopleSolve offers an extensive array of nurse staffing solutions. Our dedicated team actively listens, collaborates, and provides valuable advice to help your team discover the most fitting solutions for your essential nurse staffing requirements.  

Complete Allied Health & Pharmacist Staffing

Select From a Spectrum of Skilled Allied Professionals Across Diverse Disciplines:

Physiotherapist                 Occupational Therapist                 Speech Therapist
Radiographers                   Pharmacist                                     Home Health
Local & Locum                   Medical Laboratory                        Genetics Counsellor 

Our skilled allied health clinicians are ready to contribute their expertise in a variety of settings, include: acute care, hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, and everywhere-in-between. At PeopleSolve, we are committed to delivering the allied staff you require to uphold the highest standards of patient care.

Physician and Doctors  

A Diverse Network of Ready-to-Work Doctors and Advanced Practitioners

Local & Overseas                        Physician Perm  

At PeopleSolve, we have a proven track record of helping enterprises through changing environments to deliver high-quality patient care while maintaining profitability and efficiency.

Interim Leadership    

The Support You Need… on Your Schedule

> Uniquely equipped to engage and secure quality talent

> The largest network of interim talent ready to quickly fill gaps and support key initiatives

> Leaders who consistently improve clinical, financial, and operational performance  


A Pool of Skilled Research Officers, Technologists, Coordinators and More

Clinical Research Coordinators                 Research Technologist                 Research Officers

From groundbreaking research projects to diverse settings such as: laboratories and academic institutions, our skilled research officers are ready to contribute their expertise. At PeopleSolve, we are dedicated to delivering the right research talent, upholding the highest standards of innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector.

Total Ancillary and Support Staffing Solutions  

A Seamless Integration of Ancillary and Support Professionals  

Healthcare Assistants                            Healthcare Support
Operations                                              Frontline & Service
Back Office                                             Ambassadors 

From administrative support to ancillary healthcare roles, we connect you with the right talent to fortify your team. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional roles, ensuring a holistiv approach to meet the unique demands of your organization.  

Medical English Training Program

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