Free Services

PeopleSolve offers a number of free services to nurses and healthcare professionals throughout Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam. 

Career Advice & Support 

  • Have private, one-on-one consultations with our expert consultants.
  • Access exclusive market insights not found on other platforms - such as staffing trends, salary benchmarks, benefits, shifts and career progressions. 
  • We link directly with the client's HR team, ensuring daily updates on the status of your applications. 
  • Receive constructive feedback at every stage of your recruitment journey. 
  • Easily upload your CV with no obligations to apply or accept roles.  

CV Creation 

  • Our seasoned healthcare consultants will review your CV.  
  • Enhance and update your CV to align with employer expectations, maximizing your chances to Stage One. 
  • Organize an interview within hours of CV submission (*available for local recruitments only). 
  • Apply to multiple jobs by uploading only one CV.   

Interview Preparation 

  • Learn the best way to answer questions during your interview.  
  • Practice virtual mock interviews with our consultants to refine your interview skills. 
  • Learn detailed interview questions previously asked by that exact client. 
  • Receive personalized feedback on your interview performance, highlighting areas for improvement. 
  • Access exclusive insights into the client's interview process and preferences, enhancing your preparation for a successful interview. 

Post-Application Support 

  • We negotiate with clients on your behalf in terms of best offer and package. 
  • Streamline your pre-employment process, including checks, medical forms, and documentation, all efficiently managed for you. 
  • Facilitate seamless communication between you and the client, ensuring all your queries and concerns are addressed promptly. 
  • Provide on-going support post-employment, assisting with your transition and addressing any challenges that may arise. 


"PeopleSolve helped me to get my present job. The team is awesome and always helpful."

Nivedita K.

Nurse, India

"Made my process of getting a new job so simple and the team was fantastic to keep me updated all the times. I truly appreciate everyone of them."

Joshua N.

Nurse, Singapore

"Very helpful, good interview techniques, helped me to secure my present career in one of the best hospital group in Asia." 

Zahirah N.

Nurse, Singapore

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