About PeopleSolve

Strong Partnership, Stronger Outcome

PeopleSolve provides healthcare manpower solutions in Singapore and globally. 

We offer permanent full time and part time healthcare staffing solutions; local and overseas hiring expertise; medical English and clinical training programs; outsourcing solutions for nurses, allied health and healthcare HR teams; and advisory and consulting services. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services to support healthcare organizations of all sizes. Whether it's addressing nurse shortages or enhancing operational efficiency, PeopleSolve delivers customized services to contribute to the success of healthcare organizations globally.

The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Singapore (21C0695).  

Partnering with PeopleSolve

Every country is short on nurses and healthcare professionals. 

PeopleSolve has been diligently helping hospitals, medical centers and specialist clinics to bridge the manpower constraints in the healthcare industry. 

With our established healthcare talent database from over 10 countries, fully digitalized talent acquisition and management process, and proven recruitment and training techniques, we support our partners to overcome talent and fit problems that others cannot. 

This means FAST turnaround and quality and passionate workforce. 

  • Significant cost savings in talent spend.
  • Holistic view of talent needs and manpower solutions.
  • Improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Streamlined talent acquisition and management of talent, freeing up operational resources.
  • Digitalized talent acquisition process and international talent database to solve people problems. 

Join Our Team

Here are some of the things our clients say about us: We're trustworthy, flexible, innovative, professional, personable, hardworking, influential, effective, nice to work with, committed, passionate, exciting, inspiring, positive, international, and good stamina. Our members are encouraged to be original, open and keep a learning attitude.You don't have recruiting experience? It doesn't matter! If you have a passion for people, excellence, and are genuinely excited about the future of healthcare, we want to hear from you! So if you think you have what it takes to make a difference to our clients and looking for a dynamic global environment to leverage your skills, then send us your CV to the following address:


Our Leadership

Thomas Wai
General Manager

Belinda Lim
Deputy Director

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