Local and Overseas Permanent Recruitment  

Nurse Staffing and Recruitment 

PeopleSolve is your gateway to unparalleled nurse staffing and recruiting solutions. Whether you're in need of permanent full time or part time nurses, local or overseas nurses, locum or interim nurses, travel or home nurses, we provide access to Asia's largest and most diverse pool of candidates. At PeopleSolve, we are dedicated to connecting you with the right talent, ensuring your healthcare facility thrives with skilled and specialized nursing staff. Our regular regional recruitment drives span over 10 countries, providing access to Asia's largest pool of candidates. With a proven track record, PeopleSolve has successfully placed over 8,000 healthcare professionals, we are a trusted partner in the healthcare staffing industry. 

Locum and Outsourced Nurses  

All Nursing Professionals to Meet Your Needs    

  • Tailored Solutions for Your Nursing Needs: We offer both standard and customizable solutions to fit your nursing needs. 
  • Comprehensive Locum and Outsourced Nurse Support: Whether you're seeking permanent staffing solutions or immediate assistance to manage ad-hoc demands, PeopleSolve has a ready nursing talent pool of over 2,000 nurses to support your needs. 

  • Certified and Skilled Professionals: We prioritize the competence of our locum and outsourced professionals. Every individual we provide is certified and screened to ensure they possess the necessary skills required for the specific area of expertise you request. 

Nurses Consulting Services

More than just numbers   

Sometimes, optimal scheduling and planning are what you truly need. PeopleSolve brings a unique capability to the table, offering strategic consulting solutions. Our consulting team is led by Former CHRO, HR Director and Chief Nurse of established organization. By seamlessly integrating HR, Finance and Nursing data into one comprehensive plan, we collaborate with you to make informed decisions and elevate the efficiency of your scheduling processes.   

Secure All of Your Nursing Staff Needs

We work with multi-national healthcare organizations and local medical centres. PeopleSolve is your go-to nurse manpower solution company for any need. We specialize in staffing for:

Permanent Staffing

When you need someone permanent

Local & Locum

When you need immediate staffing to fill gaps


When you need to recruit from overseas

Labor Disruption  

Experienced, ready to work staff

Home Health  

Experienced, ready to work staff


On-Demand Last-Minute staffing

Travel Nursing

A large, vetted database of qualified candidates

Are You Looking for a Nursing Job?

PeopleSolve specializes in recruiting and outsourcing solutions for the healthcare industry.