Adoption of TGFEP

Adoption of Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices

PeopleSolve is committed to adopting fair and merit-based employment practices towards our candidates detailed under Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices ("TGFEP")

PeopleSolve will comply with the applicable labour and employment laws and similar laws in Singapore.

Five principles of Fair Employment Practices adopted:

  1. Recruit based on Merit
  2. Respect candidates
  3. Provide fair opportunities
  4. Reward fairly
  5. Comply with labour laws

Fair Selection Criteria

PeopleSolve applies relevant and objective selection criteria consistently toward candidates which acceptable requirements include: educational qualifications, type of experience required for the job, amount of experience, specific skills and candidate's willingness to commit to particular job requirements and characteristics. PeopleSolve considers all candidates, including disabled candidates on a consistent and fair basis.

Local Hiring and Development

PeopleSolve will make reasonable efforts to attract and consider Singaporeans for all job positions from clients in line with the TGFEP.

Job Advertisements

PeopleSolve avoids using words or phrases in the job advertisements that could be perceived as discriminatory.

Information on words or phrases to avoid in job advertisements will include: age, race, language, gender, marital status and family responsibilities and religion.

In the event of a specific requirement for the job position, the reason for the requirement will be stated in the advertisement.

All selection criteria should be stated clearly in the job advertisements, and should principally be related to qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience.

Job Interviews

All our consultants are trained to refrain from asking sensitive questions or making non-job related comments. PeopleSolve ensures that the interviewing process is fair and unbiased. Reasons will be made known to interviewees should questions which may be perceived as discriminatory be asked.

Changes to these Practices

PeopleSolve may amend these Practices from time to time in line with any changes in regulations. We suggest that you visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website regularly to keep up to date with any changes.