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Medical English Program

Program Introduction There are plenty of general English courses available, but at PeopleSolve, we focus solely on Medical English and English for Healthcare as used in daily communication by doctors, nurses, therapists, allied health professionals and healthcare teams. Objective & Overview Improve participants' medical English knowledge and their ability to read, listen, write and speak in English. The program is conducted online, consists of facilitated online classes and self-learning modules. A total of 53 topics will be covered. Total training hours from 6 – 12 weeks; and participants will go through ongoing activities, tests and examination at the end of the program. Certificate will be given to those who passed the examination at the end of the program. Program Features All participants are given online accounts to study the content of the materials at any time. Participants have the option to join the facilitated online classes, where real-life scenarios will be discussed. Participants will join a class community where they can exchange notes, share knowledge and encourage one another. Scholarship and Sponsorship are available for eligible participants.

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