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PeopleSolve is a global healthcare employment agency and training center. We partner with small, medium, and large-size healthcare teams that have diverse healthcare needs. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to support your organization's success in managing nurses and healthcare manpower challenges efficiently. Let our team solve the structural and operational problems for you, so you can focus on what do you best – delivering exceptional healthcare services. 

We are all about People, at PeopleSolve.  

We are passionate about the future of healthcare. Whether you require skilled nurses, competent allied health, pharmacist, clinical researchers, ancillary or healthcare support professionals on a temporary basis, strategic workforce planning, permanent recruitment, overseas recruitment or specialized training programs, we offer a seamless and customized solution to meet your unique requirements.

We help your growth when you start your recruitment journey. 

Step 1:
Project Planning & Sourcing

This critical phase is where the foundation for your growth begins. We work closely with you to understand your unique objectives and develop a comprehensive implementation plan. Our strategic sourcing approach ensures that we cast a wide net to identify and attract the best-suited nurses and healthcare talents for your needs. 

Featured services:
> Timelines & milestones
> Global nurses and healthcare talent workforce
> Language and clinical training programs

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Step 2:
Screening & Interviewing

At this juncture, we leverage our expertise to meticulously evaluate candidates, ensuring alignment not only with academic qualifications, but also skills requirements and the core competencies and values that define success in your organization. Our screening methods go far beyond qualifications, seeking the alignment of skills, cultural fit, and future potential.   

Featured services:
> Academic and professional documents verification
> Pre-employment checks
> Online and onsite interviews

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Step 3:
Offer Management & Pipeline 

We orchestrate a seamless transition from identifying the right talents and checking of reference to travel coordination and offer management. Our meticulous approach ensures that the entire process is not just a transaction but a strategic engagement, fostering positive experiences for candidates and forming lasting relationships. Simultaneously, we construct a robust pipeline to sustain your manpower needs into the future, anticipating and proactively addressing potential staffing requirements.

Featured services:
> Reference checking
> Shortlist and offer salary
> Construct dedicated talent database

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Our numbers to date  

We provide best-in-class recruitment and outsourcing services for you.

Healthcare Talent
Local and Overseas 

Throwing candidate at the wall and hoping some stick is not an acceptable strategy in our eyes. We reject a random approach. We believe in a scientific way of recruitment. That's why we conduct targeted searches and stringent qualifying process, providing training and development to our candidates, so you can focus your time with the right talents.  

Registered Nurses and
Allied Health Outsourcing Services 

Our team of dedicated nurses are ready to bring both expertise and smiles to your healthcare facility. We're not just filling shifts; we're orchestrating a symphony of care. It's like having a team of healthcare virtuosos, hitting the right notes of professionalism while bringing the workplace to life with the harmony of laughter.

Medical English and Nurses Clinical Skills Training Programs 

Communication and their clinical training skills are important to patient care. Just as an artist skillfully blends colours, we seamlessly integrate language proficiency with top-tier clinical expertise. The results? Our healthcare talents emerge as accomplished practitioners, capable of delivering precise, quality care with cultural finesse.


"We are glad to partner closely with PeopleSolve to identify the right nursing talent to work in Singapore! They are professional and thorough in ensuring smooth success of the recruitment process. I'd strongly encourage any organization to partner with PeopleSolve on recruiting experienced and qualified nurses and healthcare professionals from around the world to meet their manpower needs." 

Lilian Y.

Chief Nurse/ Regional Private Medical Group 

"I've been working with PeopleSolve since 2021 and I enjoy every interaction with them. They would pay attention to our unique requirements and they have helped us to hire a lot of registered and enrolled nurses over the past 2 years. I highly recommend them to any healthcare organization."

Catherine S.

Assistant Director of Operations (Nursing)/ Regional Private Medical Group 

"We have worked with different recruitment companies, but PeopleSolve is clearly the BEST! They do not only help us in our local and overseas recruitment, but their consultants would also take the time to understand our needs, listen to our challenges, and provide the most suitable recruitment and outsource solutions to our healthcare facility. We wish we have worked with them sooner!"

Nazi H.

Nurse Manager/Government Funded Nursing Home in Singapore

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